Team Leader: Jim Wood

To disseminate information on sustainable transportation services and to encourage the use of these services by the mid-Maine community.

Reducing Local Transportation Carbon Footprint

The Transportation Team aims to reduce the carbon footprint created by local transportation by 50%. By advocating more diverse and energy-efficient transportation choices, our goal is to provide Kennebec Valley residents with more options for low-impact travelling and commuting.

Boosting Public Transit with the Kennebec Explorer

Our team works closely with the Kennebec Valley Community Action Group to increase ridership on the Kennebec Explorer, a public transit system that was established in 2010. The transit system’s ridership increased 47% between 2013-2014.

For the Augusta, Waterville and Skowhegan Kennebec Explorer timetables and schedules, Click Here

Kennebec Explorer Waterville Route

Kennebec-Messalonskee Trail System Development

We also work to promote bicycle and on-foot travel with the Kennebec-Messalonskee Trails, developing several new trails throughout Greater Waterville for walking, running, biking and cross-country skiing. There are now 18 trails in the network covering over 40 miles.

Members of our Transportation Team: Rosemary Winslow & Jim Wood

Promoting Physical Activity

Through our affiliation with Active Communities Environment (including healthcare and wellness coordinators), the Transportation Team encourages physical activity among residents and works to redesign our communities to facilitate more physical activity.

Kennebec Explorer

Recent Transportation Team Initiatives

The team’s recent initiatives include the development of a river walk in the downtown area of Waterville, the implementation of a bicycle-pedestrian plan, and the addition of buses and bus routes for public transportation. We also hope to build power stations for electric vehicles soon.

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