Public Policy

Team Leaders: Elery Keene 

To teach Maine residents and visitors about key public policy issues relating to sustainability, and to represent their interests before local and state governments and agencies.

Sustain Mid Maine Coalition’s Public Policy Team members Peter Garrett, Elery Keene, Dick Thomas, and Tom Tietenberg recently discussed important issues connected to climate change on local Cable Access TV.  To learn what these individuals have to say, copy and paste this into your browser:  

Conservation & Public Policy Initiatives

Our team acts as advocates for the environment and sustainability, working closely on issues related to conservation in public policy, both at the state and national government levels. The team is affiliated with the Mid Maine Chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby, a national group promoting a carbon fee and dividend to promote job creation and to reduce CO2 emissions. The Public Policy team’s recent activities include

Preparing statements and testifying at public hearings and legislative committees on bills related to environmental and sustainability issues relevant to our region

Meeting and exchanging information with members of our local legislative delegation

Providing ongoing testimony before various legislative committees regarding bills on climate change, sustainability, and other relevant environmental issues

Advocating for solar farm plans

Lobbying for CO2 emission reduction legislation in Congress and the Maine Legislature

Mike Heavener and John Reuthe before a Public Policy meeting

To learn more about our upcoming initiatives and to get involved or donate, please contact us today!